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        Product Overview
Quality is our main concern :
We place high demands on quality to ensure that our products operate reliably in your installations. Safety approved level monitoring devices are subject to technical and functional requirements in addition to higher manufacturing, production control and quality requirements. This is our commitment to ensure the reliability and quality of all our products.
Bistable Chang over Contact BK-380, BK-390
The BK-390 bistable contact is used in combination with our level indicators MTA, ÜTA and W-35... . The BK-380 is used with the level indicator MKL. See for this section 02.

Float switches S-10, S-11
With the float switches S-10, S-11 a level can be controlled easily. The main application is the detection of level limits.
Two-point float switch Type S-12
The two-point float switch Type S-12 permits all types of filling level measurement and liquidlevel control to be carried out. The built-in switch is capable of switching even relatively big consumers without any problem (see Technical Data). Displays, alarm devices, switching contactors etc. are reliably switched.
Float with Magnet insert
PPH-float with magnetic element:
The PPS 390... Floats are suitable for our W-35... water level indicators and other bypass systems. The matching float must be chosen for the corresponding pipe diameter. The “0” mark represents “up”, the redmark (ring) indicates the location of the integrated magnet (alternatively, the magnet can also be installed on the
Immersible probe T205
Technical Data Type T-205 PPH
System of protection EN 60529   IP 65
Float type                    1 x type 12 (13)
Cable                         LiYY 0,14 mm²
                              flex PVC 0,24 mm²
Operating temperature         max. 60 °C
Operating pressure            depressurized
Media density                 type 12: g/cm³
                              type 13: g/cm³
Number of contacts            1 x NO/NC                                 through 180° rotation
                        of float
Switching current             1A
Switching voltage             250 V AC
Switching capacity            50 W/VA
Overfill Cut-out Device (Level Sensor)
with general approval for construction Z-65.11-404
Level sensors type T-20_.F... are approved by the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) as liquid level limit switches for the overcharge protection of containers for storing water- dangerous liquids
Mechanical tank level indicator MTA
The tank level indicator is a mechanically actuated indication operating "on the spot”. It permits a high degree of safety and flexibility thanks to separate points of measurement and indication. Its simple operating principle is impressive, requiring no energy supply and ensuring a high operational safety.
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