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UPVC DIN Standard
Our long experience in plastic piping systems applications is also for your security. Approvals and third party controls are guarantee for continuously high quality.

Many of our products have the necessary approvals of the relevant institutes and thanks to the batch identification they are traceable.
PVC & CPVC Sch.80
Advatages of Eslon Sch80 PVC and CPVC Pipe
Sekisui Eslon PVC and CPVC pipe have a number of outstanding features, such as high chemical resistance, easy installation, and reasonable price, which can lead to the reduction of total construction cost. Eslon PVC and CPVC can or should replace other materials of construction in size ranges available for all sorts of piping systems.
Union Ball Valve Type 546
Ball valve coloro type 546 PVC-U
With solvent cement sockets ASTM
Inclusive 2 threaded valve ends NPT
Option :
Individual configuration of the valve (see diagram)
Multifunctional module with integrated limit switches
Pneumatic or electric actuators from +GF+


Union Ball Valve Type 375
Ball valve coloro type 355 PVC-U
With solvent cement sockets ASTM
Inclusive 2 threaded valve ends NPT
Model :
For easy installation and removal
z-dimension, valve end and union nut are not compatible with type 546
Ball seals PTFE
Actuator unit not connectable
Threaded valve ends are only enclosed for DN10/15-50
Union Ball Valve Type 355            ( ยกเลิกการผลิต ) สามารถสอบถามสินค้าที่คงค้างสต็อกได้
Ball valves
Ball valve coloro type 355 PVC-U
With solvent cement sockets ASTM
3-Way ball valve type 543 PVC-U
With solvent cement sockets ASTM
Model :
For easy installation and removal (valve end and union nut are compatible with type 546)
Ball seals PTFE
Pneumatic or electric actuator available separately
Angle of operation 360° without turn limiter
Turn limiter 90° enclosed, in different positions usable as a clip-on ring
Integrated stainless steel mounting inserts
Delivery status A-C opened, see flow scheme
Butterfly valves
Butterfly valve type 567 PVC-U
Hand lever with ratchet settings
Model :
Connecting dimension: ISO 7005 PN 10, EN 1092 PN 10, DIN 2501 PN 10, ANSI B
16.5 Class 150, BS 1560: 1989, BS 4504, JIS B 2220
Overall length according to EN 558-1, ISO 5752
Union Check Valve Type 561
Ball valve coloro type 561 PVC-U
With solvent cement sockets ASTM
Inclusive 2 threaded valve ends NPT
Model :
Designed for easy installation and removal
Sealing at a minimum water column of 2m
Vibration free even at high flow velocity
Flow-optimized return cone, double guided
For vertical installation
Compact installation length, same as ball valve type 546
Z-length, end connectors and union nuts not compatible with
type 360
New DN65-DN100

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Type DIASTAR
Data sheet diaphragm valve
Type DIASTAR Six, Ten and
Product features :
Actuators type Sixteen for 16 bar, Ten for
10 bar and Six for 6 bar nominal pressure
No corrosion as there are no metal screws
Increased leak-tightness at temperature
changes due to identical temperature behavior
of the materials used
Due to the innovative design the flow rate could
be doubled over all dimensions
The valve body geometry results in a linear flow
characteristic, clearly simplifying valve control
90° turnable air connection for a flexible
The new design enables positioning of the weir
rather close to the pipe wall. This produces a
zero static branch valve that gives no chance to
impurities and growth of bacteria
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